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Terms & Conditions

  1. All checks are to be made out to ANDREW GUENTHER and sent to the address provided. Any missed or neglected payments will result in an additional charge. Other types of payments accepted: Cash & Venmo are also accepted. Credit cards are NOT accepted.
  2. All payments are nonrefundable. 20% of the balance is due 90 days before the event. The remaining balance is due 7 days before the event.
  3. DJ Drew must be notified ahead of time if there are any changes to the original contract or questionnaire.
  4. If DJ Drew is asked to stay past the contracted time, the additional hours will be agreed upon by the client and DJ Drew with a signed document at the event.
  5. If DJ Drew is prevented from attending the event due to inclement weather, sudden illness, or a family emergency, they will try to find an alternate. If for some reason, DJ Drew is completely unable to provide their services, a full refund will be provided.
  6. DJ Drew will try their best to play every song requested from the client. The DJ can choose to play/not play requests at his discretion. All music will be based on the client’s preferences and the general vibe at the event. If a CD or music is provided at the event, DJ Drew has the right not to play it because of content/time. 
  7. The client will allow suitable time for setting up and dismantling of the equipment. A nearby outlet must be within 50 feet of the DJ booth. The venue must also provide adequate power for the equipment.
  8. Threatening behavior will not be tolerated. Any equipment damaged due to the client’s guests will result in additional charges to cover the damages.
  9. Any additional items needed must be addressed in the contract and provided by the client.
  10. A wireless microphone can be used for some ceremonies, but certain events may not be able to be mic’d up. Adequate time must be allowed for the DJ to move equipment from the ceremony to the reception.
  11. A meal must be provided for DJ Drew during receptions.