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Short & Sweet

Soooo … blogging ain’t really my thing. I mean, I like it, but balancing that with my fiction writing is not easy for me. I’ve got too many original ideas to work on. Instead of hearing about my thoughts and movie deconstructions, you get to hear about my characters! Yay (I hope). I plan on posting short stories from now on, starting with my newest story The Boy & the Bear. Some of these things will be ultra-short, and some will be closer to novelettes. But hey, what better way to utlize that second monitor at work by reading my stuff. Plus, Free Cell’s was getting pretty boring, huh?

I got the idea for The Boy & the Bear from a recent news story (which you can read here). Obviously, I took some liberties to create my own thing, but the gist is the same. The ‘voice’ of the story may seem a little old for a five-year-old, but once you get the end it will all make sense.

You can read The Boy & the Bear by going to my Writings page, or you can click here. Thanks!

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